Eclat Teck/Bondi Front Wheel


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Eclat Teck/Bondi front wheel comes with the super dialed Eclat Teck front hub with a super strong Eclat Bondi straight rim.

Teck Front hub

The Teck Hub from éclat was designed to eliminate spoke wear on grinds. Constructed around a 6061-T6 alloy shell, the Teck hub features a 7075 heli-coiled female axle system for strength and durability. Available in a 36h option only, the Teck hub is a proven, effective and valuable component of any BMX. Lightweight, simple to install and built to withstand all the smith grinds you wanna throw at it.



Bondi Straight Rim:

Designed exclusively by éclat, the Bondi Straight Wall rim features a unique broad design which spreads the impact load of severe landings more thoroughly, meaning you get a longer-lasting rim. It’s lightweight, functional and it’s made with lots of love. Constructed of 6066-T6 alloy and flash welded for strength, the Bondi rim is the rim of choice for éclat team rider Sean Burns, which means a lot.